Best Ways to Trigger Oversensitive People

Oversensitive people (Also known as Hypersensitive people) are nothing but parasites. Here are the best ways to trigger them.
Also note: I know not all sensitive people are bad but this list is aimed towards the oversensitive types

Tell them facts they don’t like

Like seriously there are people who get offended over statements like “there is only 2 genders” or “evolution is real” despite the fact that those 2 statements are true in every sense.Oh well,at least you can get a good laugh. – DarkBoi-X

Tell them facts matter more than feelings

Another fact they don’t like as they will put their feelings above facts. – DarkBoi-X

Use constructive criticism

It can be nice or harsh.Oversensitive people get triggered over both which proves that they are basically real life mary sues. – DarkBoi-X

Tell them jokes

Especially edgy jokes but even jokes that aren’t edgy can piss them off. – DarkBoi-X


I don’t swear but all these oversensitive swearing haters need to grow up.They treat swearing as if it’s worse than actual problems like war,poverty,etc. – DarkBoi-X

Play a Rated M game

They think that a game or movie is bad just because it is rated M or rated R.
There are tons of good R rated movies like Terminator,Deadpool,Enter The Dragon,etcThere are also good M rated game series like Devil May Cry,Battlefield,etc.
Just because a game or movies has a bit of violence or has a few sexual things doesn’t make it mad(In fact the latter,sex is the reason why people are even alive in the first place) – DarkBoi-X

Tell them screaming “fake news” and throwing a temper tantrum isn’t a proper way to respond the criticism

If anything it will make people criticize you even more because you’re being immature – DarkBoi-X

Tell them the world isn’t just sunshine and lollipops

The world and life can also suck because of war,poverty,etc so yeah. – DarkBoi-X

Make troll top 10 lists

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks and HenryDangerIsGreat trolled lot’s of mediocre oversensitive users and I salute them for that. – DarkBoi-X

Share a different opinion

They will often scream “HATE SPEECH” even though hate speech is stuff that’s racist,sexist,homophobic,etc not opinions you don’t like. – DarkBoi-X

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