Funniest Steve Terreberry Quotes

Steve Terreberry, aka Steve T, is a youtube musician / guitarist I like.

If you can’t hit those high notes [in power metal], just squeeze your testiculars

Funny. I’ve got a friend that plays guitar, occasionally in bar bands and occasionally on his own at clubs. he’s also an aspiring stand up comic. His name is Steve Teisberg, we call him Steve T. – Ned964

2 If you don’t have a guitar that has a Whammy Bar, that’s perfectly OK. You just really need one.

I’ve done videos for a lot of different genres of submetal. What? Let me try it again: I’ve done videos for a lot of different subgenres of metal

Submetal…LOL – Metal_Treasure

If ‘Djent’ was added to The Oxford Dictionary – Pronunciation: DUH-jent, Origin: THALL, Meaning: Bam-bukah, Ba-na-na, D-D-D-jent, P-keng-keng-keng

If you don’t know what ‘Djent’ is, don’t worry – go to the list Top 10 Facts About Djent Music – Metal_Treasure

Don’t forget to write a lead guitar part that you can Irish-dance to [when you write a power metal song]

Leads in power metal are really fast! – Metal_Treasure

Don’t try adding some fancy words like banana or oven mitt [to metal songs lyrics]

True. Imagine Metallica lyric “Landmine has taken my sight” turned into this:”Banana has taken my sight”or”Oven mitt has taken my sight” – Metal_Treasure

And since it is a Kirk Hammett-inspired video, obviously I gotta use the Zakk Wylde pedal…

From “If Kirk Hammett Played For…”; Stevie T is famous, for those of you who don’t know, for not being very fond of the wah-wah pedal. (P.S. Thanks for making this list, Metal_Treasure! ) – Gg2000

8 To do a power metal music video, all you need is green screen and mythological, spacey, fantastical background. The idea here is maximum cheesiness.

It’s not pronounced duh-jent. The “d” is silent, the “d” is silent!

Perhaps that’s his most popular quote – Metal_Treasure

Q: What are your favorite picks, strings? A: That is a very personal question. I’m not too picky with picks. Hahaha, picky with picks…

That was from a video where he answered subscribers’ questions – Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

As long as you have long hair and are wearing clothes, you can be considered power metal

Correct! Metal musicians usually wear clothes! – Metal_Treasure

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