Things that Will Make Godzilla King of the Monsters Amazing

This is my most anticipated movie of 2019. I’ve been looking forward to this and nobody has said any bad things about the trailers. You think Avengers Endgame is gonna be the best movie of 2019? WELL GUESS WHAT??? That movie is more exciting and super pumped up. And it’s getting a lot of views. So here are the reasons why this movie is gonna be amazing.

King Ghidorah is the biggest villain of 2019

He’s the real threat of the film, and everyone is looking forward to him. Thanos needs to take a seat back, because he already has 2018 as best villain of the year. Now it’s Ghidorah’s turn. WELCOME TO THE GHIDORAH YEAR! – asantalo

More Screentime for Godzilla

2014 lacked Godzilla’s screentime. Now here, he’s gonna have more screentime, and will be over an hour. We will see more Godzilla and it’s gonna be amazing! – asantalo

3 Godzilla’s theme in the film

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah in America

The fight between the 2 famous monsters is back! Godzilla fighting his arch nemesis in america is a dream come true. I’M SO EXCITED! – asantalo

Amazing human castings

It does. We got Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler), Sam Coleman (Thomas Middleditch), Barnes (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), and the evil Jonah Alan (Charles Dance) in the movie and they are amazing cast members. And also the returning Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins), Admiral William Stenz (David Strathairn), and the famous Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanable). So yeah, the movie is gonna be great with the human castings. – asantalo

Pumped up Monster action

Come on people! We all know that the movie has a lot of action scenes with the monsters. Between Godzilla and Mothra against the evil King Ghidorah and a brainwashed Rodan (before becoming good again). – asantalo

Classic monsters are back

Mothra? Rodan? KING GHIDORAH? It’s obvious! – asantalo

Mothra and Rodan look amazing

They certainly do. – asantalo

A built up for Godzilla vs. Kong

Kong may have a cameo, if there will be an after credit scene. – asantalo

Best of the MonsterVerse

It will be better than Godzilla (2014), and even better than Kong: Skull Island! – asantalo

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