Top 10 Challenges that Can Get People Hurt

God, some people are stupid these days. Everytime when some kind of challenge happens, it gets popular on the internet, and people do the challenge. But some of those challenges are dangerous, here are ten of those. Also, DO NOT try these challenges at home, or ever.

Tide Pods

This is the dumbest challenge ever! – Userguy44

2 The Bird Box Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge

You might not think this is dangerous, but it is. It was popular back in 2011 or 2013. Basically, you eat powder cinnamon. But it’s actually dangerous to do that. The cinnamon can block your wind pipe, and you could choke and die. Luckily, this challenge is dead so. – RadioHead03

The Choking Game

When doing research for this list, I found this and I was like. You’ve got to be kidding me. This exists? Sadly it does. Basically two teens choke each other, until a person passes out. You should never do this challenge! You can mostly see why! – RadioHead03

The Car Surfing Challenge

Getting on top on a car hood while driving? Seams legit bro. Just kidding, this challenge led to multiple deaths, and injuries. Don’t do it. – RadioHead03

6 The Eyeballing Challenge

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

Unless if you want to burn your intestines out, the ghost pepper challenge is a dangerous one as well. – RadioHead03

The Fire Challenge

Yes, you set yourself on fire, and you run in the opposite direction. Oh, and you can get 3 degree burns. – RadioHead03

The Snorting Challenge

You snort balloons, tape, any kind of thing that’s rubber. Why would you do this? Words can’t describe how stupid this challenge is. – RadioHead03

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Why would you wanna damage your lips, and make them bigger than ever? – RadioHead03

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