Top 10 Moments from Melody Time (1948)

Another top moments from Disney movies and for this list we will be looking at Melody Time the fourth package film in a row released during the 1940’s during War World II which consist of 7 segments: Once Upon a Wintertime, Bumble Boogie, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, Little Toot, Trees, Blame it On the Samba, and Pecos Bill.

The Top Ten

The Ballad of Pecos Bill (Pecos Bill)

Sung by Roy Rodgers and company as they sing all about the great feats accomplished by Pecos Bill from taming a wild tornado to creating the Rio grande to fending off a group of thieves from stealing his cattle. – egnomac

Johnny’s Guardian Angel Convinces Him to Go West (The Legend of Johnny Apple Seed)

After watching some settlers past by on their way west as Johnny too wishes to travel west but is discouraged until he’s guardian angel who looks like Davy Crockett shows up and commands him to go out west if he pleases but Johnny goes on that he doesn’t have the muscle to make it in the real world as he’s scrawny and all he knows how to do is plant apple trees as to which the angel annoyed tells him that he doesn’t need strength that he has courage and the smarts as well as telling him how him planting apple trees can benefit the world due to all the things that apple make all while they sing “There’s a lot of work to do” as Johnny finally convinces leaves with nothing more than his bag of apple seeds, a cooking pot and his bible as he sets off west. – egnomac

3 The Ice Cracks (Once Upon a Wintertime)

Apple Party (The Legend of Johnny Appleseed)

During this scene Johnny watches from afar as a celebration takes place where everyone dances around and feast on apple related food. – egnomac

Little Toot Pulls The Ship (Little Toot)

After being left alone 12 miles outside the harbor during a storm Toot spots a ship in distress and after making smoke signals back to the harbor but since no one can actually come out to help in time Toot is forced to try and pull the ship out but is unable to until a strike of lighting scares him enough to pull the ship out. – egnomac

6 Pecos Bill Falls for Slue Foot Sue (Pecos Bill)

7 Araruan Bird Cures Donald and Jose’s Blues with the Rhythm of the Samba (Blame It on the Samba)

Little Toot Disgraced (Little Toot)

After causing an accident with a ship which crashes into the city Little Toot is punished for his actions as he is carried off crying by a pair of harbor patrols in chains and led outside the harbor and as he’s carried off he gets shunned by all the other boats and even see his father now demoted to pulling garbage barges as he’s left out he gets tormented by bell buoys with creepy faces who call him “Bad Boy” and even gets ignored by the lighthouse. – egnomac

9 Organ Scene (Blame it On the Samba)

10 Bee Gets Chased by Piano Key Snake (Bumble Boogie)

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