Top 10 Reasons Why There’s No Such Thing As the Greatest Country in the World

People constantly say that America is the best country or that Russia is the best. Honestly, there really isn’t a best country at all. It would be much easy to think that all lands are equal and have their own flaws (but what’s most important is that we work together to fix those flaws in order to improve our homelands).

The Top Ten

No Country is Perfect

They’re really not. All countries have their own flaws and like I said, we should all try to work on fixing them so they would stop making us look bad. – Redrocm

This list makes sense in numerous regards,and I absolutely agree :). – CrimsonShark

There’s Bad People Everywhere, No Matter What Nationality You Are

Nationality doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re all human. – Redrocm

Every Country Has Problems with Economics

I’m not the biggest expert on foreign economics but I’m sure other lands have the same problems with money if not worse. – Redrocm

4 Every Country Has Its Own Problems

There’s Crime Everywhere

So I guess no one is safe. – Redrocm

No Country Has Perfect Politics or Politicians

Yes Donald Trump is a very flawed president but he’s nowhere near as worse as other past country leaders who pretty much sent people to their deaths. Is that really so hard to understand? – Redrocm

Every Country Has Bad Weather

Whether it be too hot or too cold, there really isn’t a place that has the perfect temperature. – Redrocm

8 Every Country Has Good and Bad Things About It

Every Country Has Good and Bad People

Nationality doesn’t really matter though. What matters is that we’re all human. – Redrocm

Every Country Has Bad Entertainment

It’s not just the U.S. that has bad movies and T.V. shows, but other lands that have crap as well. – Redrocm

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