Top 10 Surprisingly Great Albums of 2018

Holy Hell – Architects

Probably my favorite album of 2018, I wasn’t expecting too much out of Architects after Tom desease but jesus christ this album is flawless, it shows that metalcore done right is amazing – Pato_cargo

Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts

A side project made by Kanye West and Kid Cudi which mix elements from hip hop to alt rock, both Kanye and Cudi deliver one of the most atmospheric rap albums from the year – Pato_cargo

Trench – Twenty One Pilots

I like Twenty One Pilots, hoever I will never considered them as a great band, or at least one that deserved to in the top of the genre, but this album showed that with enough dedication and time, they can deliver one of the most amazing albums from the year, maybe even the decade – Pato_cargo

Firepower – Judas Priest

Judas Priest delivers their best album since Painkiller, that’s all that I’m going to say – Pato_cargo

Little Dark Age – MGMT

MGMT is one of my favorite indie bands, their first two albums are great in my opinion, however s/t was disappointing, but this album show once more that they can make some of the funniest and most energetic pop songs – Pato_cargo

7 – Beach House

I think Beach House deserves way more love than they have, they are one of the most inventive indie bands out there and they have made a great bunch of albums, this one is a prove of it, however is way more experimental than the rest of stuff they have, I recommend to start with another of their albums before this one, but belive, this one deserves attention – Pato_cargo

You Won’t Get What You Want – Daughters

I know that Anthony Fantano put this album as his best but in my opinion, is still a pretty solid album (just not as good as he made it look like) Not only it takes a more industrial side than any other of Daughters albums, but it’s also a great comeback record after Daughters hiatus – Pato_cargo

Prequelle – Ghost

It might not be as great as Meliora. but it’s still a pretty solid hard rock album, even after all the drama Ghost have been involved over the years – Pato_cargo

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino – Arctic Monkeys

Personally I like this experimental side Arctic Monkeys showed this year with this album, I take this over Suck It and See and even AM – Pato_cargo

Dirty Computer – Janelle Monae

It isn’t as great as The Archandroid (although The Archandroid is a masterpiece) but is still a pretty solid pop record – Pato_cargo

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