Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episodes of 2018

Ink Lemonade – Spongebob SquarePants

Yet another Squidward torture porn where Patrick scares him in various ways so he can get his ink that spews out of his nose for his lemonade and sell it to the people of Bikini Bottom. – egnomac

Ruthless People – The Loud House

Possibly the only real rotten episode of The Loud Houses 3rd season, the house gets infested with termites and half of the family gets to stay with Pop Pop at the retirement home and the others at Aunt Ruth’s and of course Lincoln’s side don’t want to go to Aunt Ruth’s and makes deals with the others to switch with them only to find themselves in an even worse situation at the old folks home meanwhile the others get to stay at Aunt Ruth’s new lake house, this episode is just not fun to watch as all it is is one side of the family suffering misfortune while the others get all the good luck and the ending just make it even worse. – egnomac

3 Soda Genie – OK K.O.!

4 The Groover – Teen Titans Go!

5 Con Heiress – Family Guy

No Read Goes Unpunished – The Simpsons

The entire episode feels like wasted potential as the two stories had potential but ends up falling apart as the episode progressed. – egnomac

Fears of a Clown – The Simpsons

The episode is really unfocused and has no real direction, I could barely make it through the episode without feeling the need to change the channel. – egnomac

Deb O’ Nair – Powerpuff Girls (2016)

This sore of episode has been done before and a lot better by other cartoons, a nanny obviously named Deb O’Nair doesn’t like how the girls behave while fighting Mojo Jojo who for reasons that are never explained is dressed like a cowboy complete with a giant mechanical bull and convince the Professor to allow her to teach them how to be more proper ladies its as dumb as it sounds. – egnomac

Marco Jr. – Star vs The Forces of Evil

The entire episode feels entirely pointless and unnecessary filler as Marco and Star return to his home to find out that his mother is pregnant with another kid something which is never brought up again later in the season. – egnomac

10 (You Gotta) Strike For Your Right – American Dad

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