Top 10 Worst Non-Disney Movies of 2018

There were A LOT of bad movies to come out in 2018. So let’s take a look at the worst ones. Excluding Disney of course.

Fifty Shades Freed

Did you seriously torture yourself with this trilogy? – darthvadern

The Fifty Shades trilogy is officially the worst trilogy ever. It’s a good thing this is the last one. I don’t think I could’ve handled watching another one of these things. It pretty much has the same problems as the first two, but with an even dumber ending. The movie is so painful to sit through. All the terrible dialogue and terrible song choices at the worst possible moments. This entire trilogy makes the Twilight saga look like the Harry Potter franchise. I don’t like Harry Potter, but I wanted to use a popular book to movie franchise as an example. Anyway, this movie sucks. But at least it’s all over. – MegaSoulhero


I hope it will turn out good for me anyways – darthvadern

This movie is awful! It’s dreadful! It’s one of the worst comic book movies I’ve ever seen! Why does DC continue to make movies? No one likes them! Aquaman is everything people have complained about in the previous DCEU films but done a lot more. It’s beyond annoying. The dialogue sucks! The characters suck! The CGI is HORRENDOUS! It’s an awful movie with no redeeming qualities! Easily the worst movie in the DCEU and the people who worked on this should NOT be allowed to work again! AWFUL movie! TRULY terrible! – MegaSoulhero

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Star Wars franchise releases a sequel that fans claim ruined the franchise. People lose their minds. The Jurassic Park franchises releases a sequel that actually DOES ruin the franchise. People don’t care. Will people stop holding Star Wars to an impossibly high standard? Fallen Kingdom is a HUGE mess. The characters are very underdeveloped and make some ridiculously dumb decisions. The volcano erupting is pretty cool, but it’s just one scene. The rest of the movie doesn’t make any sense. Chris Pratt is a nice guy. I saw him in person at Disneyland. I have video proof. It pains me to see him in this movie because he looks like he’s really trying. Such a bad movie. – MegaSoulhero

The Happytime Murders

Brian’s father would not be proud. How could the son of the legendary Jim Henson create something this bad? It’s a movie that relies on one joke. Puppets doing inappropriate stuff. It doesn’t go for anything other than that. It’s nothing but puppets swearing and doing drugs. I hate when movies have to rely on shock humor. It’s not funny at all. It’s kinda sad because this movie has some of the best puppetry I’ve seen. It’s too bad they had to waste on this. So sad. – MegaSoulhero

Slender Man

It’s a horror movie with a non-existent story and is based on a creepypasta that no one cares about anymore. Did anyone really think this would be good? – MegaSoulhero

Hotel Transylvania 3

Actually a pretty great movie in my opinion. The original will always be my favourite, but this one’s a close second. Very colorful and great villian as well as setting makes me love it a lot. My only complaints is that the animation feels forced at times, and some of the jokes. But overall I think it’s a great movie, but then agian, I’m known for having unpopular opinions so it shouldn’t be suprising – darthvadern

The third installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise and easily the worst one. It’s a good thing Sony came out with Into the Spider-Verse because this is absolutely atrocious. I like Genndy Tartakovsky, but this isn’t his best work. It’s one of those movies where they try to make the characters act as wacky as possible to keep the attention of children. The other movies did this, but not THIS much. It’s also painfully, predictable. Obviously the captain was gonna end up with Dracula at the end. And the ending is really dumb. The climax involves singing and dancing. Captain EO did this a lot better. What they did here was unwatchable. Just like the rest of the movie! – MegaSoulhero

Show Dogs

This one of worst comedies ever – iliekpiez

There’s absolutely no way that Jurassic World, Aquaman and Hotel 3 are worse than this. – B1ueNew

It was obvious that this movie was gonna be bad. I mean, how can you make a good movie with this concept? The humor is absolutely atrocious and annoying. It’s the kind of movie that thinks children will watch anything. As long as it has talking animals in it, children will love it apparently. Kids movies should still treat children with respect. This doesn’t. And I’m sure some of the jokes will go over their heads. Honestly, I don’t know who this movie was made for. – MegaSoulhero

The Predator

I really wanted to like this movie, but it was just unbearable. So much bad humor and irritating characters. All these characters do is crack jokes and pretend to be tough guys. It makes us not care about what happens to them. There are no stakes when they treat everything like a joke. The only good character in the movie is the kid. His performance was great and he’s very well written. This should’ve been much better than it actually was. – MegaSoulhero

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

The amount of positive reviews this movie got makes me wonder if I watched a completely different movie. It’s one of those movies that thinks references automatically count as jokes. It does nothing clever with these references. It just references stuff for the sake of referencing them. There’s also so much filler. It could’ve been an hour long T.V. movie if they had cut out all the unnecessary scenes. That whole scene with them changing the origins of the superheroes was completely pointless. I mean, what do you expect from a Teen Titans Go movie? – MegaSoulhero

Robin Hood (2018)

Dreadful. One of the worst action movies ever. I actually was excited. – iliekpiez

When an old Disney animated film is a much better version of Robin Hood than a modern high budget action film. How did they manage to make this so dull? It’s Robin Hood! It should be exciting! But the actors don’t look like they care and the action isn’t very impressive. These are all great actors, but they must’ve been given bad direction. I thought this movie was gonna be good. I was very disappointed. – MegaSoulhero

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