Top 10 Worst Things to Say to a Crowd

Have you thought of something that might offend you? Have you seen a TV show that looks just like this? Put down what you think would fit best at the list. You know, when you’re a host of a TV show, you need to be very careful with what you say to the people. Here’s the list.

Go Home and Die

Seriously, Host? Are you really a terrorist? Do you really want people to just leave the show and kill their selves with their kitchen knives? Now this is one of the worst things that a host might say. Think about it. – LightningStrike

Obviously the worst one – darthvadern

What the heck?! – BorisRule

Go Home

Now, go home and die is much worse but this one counts too. I mean seriously? We don’t want to go home. We wanna see the show darn it. We wanna see everything you got. – LightningStrike

Everyone Here Has Ugly Faces

Ok ok. Let’s think about that. Can you I a T.V. show host saying that right to the crowd and you are in the crowd. Pretty insulting right? And I mean… Very insulting. – LightningStrike

We’re All Gonna Die Do Not Remain Calm

Think about it. We remain calm during a crash right? Yeah. This is the most wrong thing to say to people like this. And doing it at a T.V. show? Seriously? Not that is stupid. – LightningStrike

I’m Better Than Everyone in This Room at Everything

Again… Seriously, host?… Another rude comment to say at everyone at the audience? Of course there’s a lot of these on the list. Being selfish. Saying you’re better than anyone is just wrong. – LightningStrike

Everyone in This Room is an Idiot

How dare you insult the entire show audience! You know, there should be more respect to yourself before becoming this guy you know. If you want to be a host you have to do it right. – LightningStrike

“Including me. Ha! Scrap that last part! ” – Gg2000

You Suck

You too. Again, the host needs more respect. Call it a night. Are you trying to ruin the show? This is your chance. You can’t insult us during something important. – LightningStrike

What’s that in Your Pocket?

Woah! Now you’re acting serious. Now things are getting very awkward. You know how much I hate awkward people right. I had to put this on the list just for that reason because why not. – LightningStrike

That’s quite a creepy thing to say – darthvadern

Metal is Satanic

I am a music guy so I have to put this down. Metal is not satanic at all. People say that because they haven’t heard a single song from this genre. – LightningStrike

Not all metal is satanic. And this is coming from a black metal fan. – BorisRule

Who would say this? – Userguy44

True.Metal is not Satanic,even Black Metal bands focus more on Norse Mythology than Satanism. – HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

I’m Challenging that Little Kid Right There in the Audience to a Rap Battle

Now things are getting VERY stupid now. It’s shocking to see a kid have a rap battle against a T.V. show host… And hilarious. And I mean seriously, not sarcastically. – LightningStrike

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