Top Ten Best Aleksandr Vasilevsky Quotes

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Vasilevsky was a Soviet military commander, promoted to Marshal of the Soviet Union in 1943. He was the Soviet Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of Defense during World War II and was responsible for the planning and coordination of numerous decisive Soviet offensives, and in 1945, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of Soviet forces.

1 I did not decide to become an officer to start a military career. I still wanted to be an agronomist and work in some remote corner of Russia after the war. I could not suppose that my country would change, and I would.

2 It is now time for our soldiers to issue their own justice.

3 Why I should be in Romania in the name of unknown to me goal. There was a time when I led soldiers to battle, thinking I was doing my duty as a Russian patriot. However, I understood that we have been cheated, that people needed peace.

4 Our intelligence was able to determine not only..general intention of the enemy in..period of..summer..1943..intended direction of..attacks..composition of..striking groups & of the reserves,but also to establish..time of..beginning of..fascist offensive.

5 The old army and Soviet Union are not compatible, therefore, my military career had to end. With no remorse, I could go back to my favorite occupation, working in the field.

6 Conditions to the north of us,in the Voronezh and Steppe Fronts zone of action,and our offensive on Kharkov demands that we not lose time and we commit all forces so that we can draw off as many divisions as possible from Kharkov.

7 And even if we do not draw them off,at least we will not give Manstein the ability to take any of his units from our part of the front.If we attract one or two German tank divisions-it will be the best contribution to the defeat of the enemy in the south.

8 By seizing the formerly little-known Height 102.0–the Mamayev Hill-the Red Army fought its way to the fascists’ den–Berlin.

9 We are proud to say that our victory in Stalingrad radically changed the whole situation in the Second World War. And this victory meant that our Motherland had withstood one of the most difficult tests in its history.

10 Stalin’s now at the nearby Dacha…Comrade Stalin has already made up his mind. He has already issued his orders.

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