Top Ten Best Christopher Moltisanti Quotes from The Sopranos

1 This ain’t negotiation time. This is Scarface, final scene, * bazookas under each arm, ‘say hello to my little friend!’

2 …hurts me worse,right to my heart.Him and…a**wipe cousin,that two-faced*.He can get us all killed with New York…Tony has to think about what to do with him…Me,he don’t need to*think!Well, maybe I need to think!Ever thought of that,you fat*scumbag!

3 …Everybody starts out…something gets done…changes their life…called their arc.Where’s my arc?…I got no identity.Even Brendan Filone’s got an identity,he’s dead.I killed…E-mail Kolar…nothing,I don’t…move up a notch.All I got is nightmares.

4 Him [Tony Soprano] and Tony B. Breakin’ my balls!Teasin’ me like when I was little…You know I could take him out in a second that fat *! Bang! His kids wouldn’t even give a *!

5 …chaos! Nobody knows whose runnin’ things anymore. Guys, they don’t even know who to make payments up the ladder to in some cases. I’m talkin’ about the year two thousand. The millenium. Where do we [Brendan Filone] go from here?

6 There was a time in my life..being with..Tony Soprano crew was all I ever dreamed reason things are so*up in the organization..guys running off,not listenin to middle management..We[Brendan]have to stick together,why be in a crew,why be a gangster

7 Just so long as you realize I had nothin’ ta do with this Ton’… Brendan, shut the * up. You wanna get me clipped?

8 Vito a fag. Big construction tycoon. Ton’, when he was always talkin’ about “greasin’ the union,” who knew, that’s what he meant?

9 It was an idea. I don’t know. Who knows where they… come from. Isaac Newton invented gravity ’cause some *hole hit ‘im with an apple.

10 So, whatta we gotta do Ton’, actually see him [Vito] take it in the ***?

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