Top Ten Best Hovhannes Bagramyan Quotes

Hovhannes Khachatury Bagramyan (also known as Ivan Khristoforovich Bagramyan) was a Soviet Armenian military commander and Marshal of the Soviet Union.

1 It turned out that the commanders and the staff were not sufficiently prepared to prepare and execute the retreat manoeuvre.Now,in the second week of war,we had in fact to learn from the beginning the most difficult art-the art of the execution of retreat

2 And, aha! Now, after the winter of 1945, Soviet forces captured the descendants of these royal hounds in their very own doghouse!

3 The Socialist economy, Soviet political structure, and Marxist-Leninist ideology proved their unarguable excellence against the Fascist economy, Fascist political structure, and Fascist ideology of Germany.

4 We have won on the Arlov, Kursk, Belgorod, and Kharkov grounds. We won because the country was being defended not only by the army but by the entire Soviet people.

5 Whatever we saw in October 1941, cannot be compared to anything that we had seen prior, when our forces retreated from the Dniepr borders. Now, things like this no longer happen. Now, we can frown by ourselves.

6 There is no point in hiding that before the war we mostly learned to attack, and did not pay enough attention to such an important manoeuvre as retreat. Now we have paid for this.

7 What do you want to have me shot for,Semyon Mikhailovich?If you don’t find me suitable as chief of the operations department,then give me a combat division.I am a commander;I can command a division.But what would be the advantage of having me shot?

8 What’s bad about my biography? My father was a worker, my brothers, too, and I have always honestly served my country.

9 ..Eastern Prussia invaded Soviet soil with..powerful military onslaught,unleashing a heavy grip of  burden,tragedy, & torture..Eastern Prussia was completely transformed into a diabolic system of concentration camp strongholds for captured military peopl

10 ..our success at reaching..goals by using..1st Baltic Front troops..Memel operation,it can’t be disregarded,..[troops]not only..accomplished..strategic operation,but also..infusion of victory for..Soviet armed forces &..entrance stages of..war

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