Top Ten Deadly Class Characters

A new comic TV series off of Image Comics is now on a rocky start on the Syfy channel. These are the characters of the series below.

Saya Kuroki

To be honest on this, Saya is one heck of a badass character in the series and who can blame her? She uses a katana sword as her signature weapon and great at both hand-to-hand combat and weapon mastery. She’s also Marcus’ sponsor and friend. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Marcus Lopez Arguello

Marcus is a starter of the series and juggles through a hard, polluted life and has to deal with trouble at King’s Dominion of Deadly Arts. Who knows what’s going through the acidic mind of Marcus right now? – TechnicallyIDoComics

Maria Esperanza-Salazar

A hot Hispanic vixen with bladed fans and has a love connection with Marcus even though her ex, Chico doesn’t appreciate it. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Billy Bennett

A funny, punk-themed student that skates and shows Marcus the ways of the school life. He even tries to kill his abusive dad with the help of his friends. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Willie Lewis

A street-gang member plus student and a trusted friend of Marcus. Although he was a pacifist due to tragic events of him and his father, Willie is a great sharpshooter who specializes in firearms. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Petra Yolga

A goth girl that comes from a death cult and does good work with poison including darts and chemicals. – TechnicallyIDoComics


A British outcast with a loud mouth, he’s also great with lethal explosions such as bombs and rockets. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Master Lin

A ruthless headmaster of King’s Dominion with tough brains and brawns. – TechnicallyIDoComics

Chico Salazar

Maria’ ex-boyfriend, but he’s also a ruthless assassin and leader of Hispanic street-gangs known as Soto Vatos. – TechnicallyIDoComics


A Russian student who’s a son of Joseph Stalin’s assassin father. He uses his brute strength to overwhelm his opponents in combat. – TechnicallyIDoComics

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