Top Ten Fictional Characters from Different Universes Who We’d Like to See Fight Each Other

Voldemort versus Sauron

Most likely Victor, in my opinion, is Sauron. – Cyri

Ring in the sounds of spellcasting. Harry Potter big bad versus LOTR big bad. – Cyri

Darth Vader versus Sandman

That would be cool, as sandman is made out of sand, so the force wouldn’t be that effective – darthvadern

I just had to. Star Wars baddie versus Marvel villain. – Cyri

I call Sandman. – Cyri

Toothless versus Smaug

Toothless with one of those huge lightning blasts. – Cyri

Don’t mess with dragons. We have a lot of natural weapons. HTTYD versus LOTR. – Cyri

That would be cool, I don’t know much about TLOR but I have seen HTTYD – darthvadern

Master Chief versus Doomguy

Two armored guys with too many guns battle. Halo versus Doom. – Cyri

Master Chief versus Iron Man

This could go so many ways depending on suits and weapons. Halo versus Marvel. – Cyri

Batman versus Spiderman

Two of the three most prominent superheroes (Superman is the third one) – darthvadern

Bats eat spiders, but the spider bites as well. DC versus Marvel. – Cyri

Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees

Knives are fun. Halloween vs. Friday The Thirteenth. – Cyri

Aquaman versus Percy Jackson

Winner: Aquaman – Cyri

Aquaman is one of my favourite DC superheroes – darthvadern

Aquaman is a copy of Marvel’s Namor the Sub-Mariner. DC versus Percy Jackson and the Olympians. – Cyri

The Genie versus Doctor Strange

Magic is fun. Aladdin (The Disney movie) versus Marvel. – Cyri

Doctor Strange would most likely win – darthvadern

Dr. Strange might win. Might. – Cyri

Percy Jackson versus Tsunami

This needs to happen now! Percy Jackson And The Olympians versus Wings Of Fire. – Cyri

Depends. On land or in the sea? – Cyri

The Contenders

Darth Vader versus Thanos

Do you get the idea behind this one? – darthvadern

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