Top Ten Funniest Quotes From The Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Digital Dailies Commentary

1 Mr. Lunt: Look at me, I’m normal. I’m doing my job. I’m not messing anything up! Look! I’m perfect!” Khalil: “What is going on with Larry’s eyeball?” Mr. Lunt: “Look at you! Your eyeballs are flipping out, and I got Johnny Cash!”

2 Larry: “Oh! It’s a, oh, I thought that was the boom mic but it’s a guitar. Look at that!” Mr. Lunt: “What?” Larry: “It’s a guitar flying across the screen!” Mr. Lunt: “What kind of movie is this?!” Khalil: “What kind of film are you making, young man?”

3 Mr. Lunt: “Holy mackerel. Was she animated by some Ren and Stimpy animator or something? What’s that all about?! Holy cow… That’s, that’s a portal to another dimension.” Khalil: “That looks like a very large burp.”

4 Larry: “Okay stop! Look right there!” Khalil: “That is not my fault.” Larry: “That is Dad Asparagus standing on the hill right there.” Mr. Lunt: “What? What’s he doing there?” Larry: “I don’t know. I don’t know.” Mr. Lunt: “Was he looking for a donut?!”

5 Larry: “Wow how’d you do that? Did you take that same ointment?” Khalil: “It was vanishing cream” Mr. Lunt: “He saw the whale, and he got scared right out of his skin.”

6 Mr. Lunt: “We’re hanging out with some stubby little bald we-don’t-know-what-it-is, but that’s okay, as long as we get our crispy creams at the end of the shoot we’re happy as clams. Larry: “That’s right.” Mr. Lunt: “Crazy.”

7 Larry: “Oh look at those eyes! Whoo!” Khalil: “He’s dancing in his eyes!” Larry: “His eyeballs are dancing!” Mr. Lunt: “What’s the deal with that? I don’t… Do we know how to make movies, actually?

8 Larry: “He’s inflating. Look at that. He’s getting bigger through the whole shot.” Mr. Lunt: “Wow you’re right!” Larry: “Yeah he’s kinda walking and talking and growing at the same time.” Khalil: “What was he eating?”

9 Khalil: “You see I tried to show up for work, and they said, no go home and heal yourself.” Mr. Lunt: “Go home and get dressed! I think is what they said. You can’t come in without your skin on. This is a family film!”

10 Larry/Mr. Lunt: “WHOA!!!” Mr. Lunt: “OH! Wait a minute!” Larry: “Hey what happened to the boat?” Khalil: “I can’t even see the waves!” Mr. Lunt: “Boy, that’s a brave new world.” Larry: “Wait go back! Holy cow!” Mr. Lunt: “I’m telling you that much.”

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