Top Ten Reasons to Vote Republican in 2018

The left has gone way too far

And just what do you mean by going “too far”? – Bolshoy_Brat

The left is demanding socialism

And what’s the problem with that? Socialism has its own benefits such as a robust social welfare, stronger healthcare, fair wages, reduces economic inequality among the populace, and decreases unemployment. – Bolshoy_Brat

The left is trying to disarm the American people, leaving them defenseless against possible government tyranny

Americans greatly reveres freedom and has one of the strongest traditions of democracy I’ve ever seen. Coming from a pro-gun leftist, I think they only need to impose mental health check on gun-owners. – Bolshoy_Brat

4 Democratic senators are justifying attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters

5 The left demands open borders

The left has become a violent group of radicals

I think you’re confusing the left with SJWs and Antifas in which the former is just spewing harmless drivel while the latter are just a band of wannabe CNT-FAI revolutionaries. – Bolshoy_Brat

SJW’s and Antifa don’t represent all leftists.I’m left leaning and I hate SJW’s and Antifa. – DarkBoi-X

7 Social media is censoring conservatives

The economy is booming with Trump as president and Republicans controlling the House and Senate

The economy has been stronger since Obama’s late presidency in national growth and unemployment except when it comes to federal debt. Trump can’t take credit for that, lmao. – Bolshoy_Brat

9 The left uses the victim card to turn minorities against authorities

They will create a war on men

Run-of-the-mill strawman and paranoia. – Bolshoy_Brat

The Contenders

The left claimed Brett Kavanaugh guilty without proof

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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