Top Ten Reasons Why the Early 2010s Were Better Than the Late 2010s

The 2010s are almost over, and I know how much everyone hates this decade. But I feel like 2010-2012 was a simpler time that most people forget about. However, 2016-2019 has been really bad and doesn’t deserve to be remembered. Here’s reasons to why the early part of this decade is much much better than the late part, and I think most of us can agree on this.

The Top Ten

Trump wasn’t President

I never had to worry about anything with Obama as president – Aha223

Fewer Shootings

Only really bad one I can think of is Sandy Hook, now shootings happen every few months – Aha223

Less Phone Addiction

While they still existed, they didn’t interfere with everyday things nearly as much as they do these days – Aha223

No Mumble Rappers

There might have been Bieber, but at least there wasn’t any Lil Pump or 6ix9ine (pains me to just write that) – Aha223

YouTube was done for fun and not for money

Basically an extension of 2000s youtube, no clickbait or any of that stuff – Aha223

Better Music

Even though there were still many bad songs back then, at least they were fun stupid songs. Most songs today have very little effort (if any) put into them. – Aha223

No TikTok,, or Vine

Yeah, this is pretty obvious – Aha223

Better Cartoons

Regular Show, Adventure Time, Amazing World of Gumball, I can go on Aha223

No Stupid Internet Challenges

When will these things just stop happening? And why do people think they are good ideas? – Aha223

People were funnier

Title says it all – Aha223

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