Worst #16 Overall NFL Draft Picks

Hart Lee Dykes

”Dykes was meant to be the unstoppable complement to Irving Fryar, a successful first-round pick. But Dykes rarely made it on the field, and his career got derailed by a pair of injuries that followed his second season. There were also character issues, and he was embroiled a scandal where he took money from the University of Oklahoma.” Dykes makes a great case for #1 just based off of the latest college controversy as well the irony years later. – htoutlaws2012

Eric Kumerow

”From what I’ve read about the ’88 draft, nobody considered this former Ohio State linebacker a first round pick. And based on his NFL career, we can see why. Kumerow spent three seasons in the league with the Dolphins before fading into obscurity – never having even started an NFL game.” – htoutlaws2012

John Bosa

The Miami factor again, and it’s the father Bosa that’s on this list both sons look to do well, but in the past though was a much different story.”Bosa didn’t work out from day one, lasting just three seasons with the team and recording a grand total of seven sacks.
Considering the Dolphins had a Super Bowl-caliber offense and just needed a solid defense to back it up, missing out on Bosa was a big mistake.” – htoutlaws2012

Justin Harrell

”Harrell, a run-stuffer in his collegiate days, was thought to help the Packers’ run defense by helping clog up the middle of their 4-3 defense. But Harrell came to Green Bay hurt (torn biceps tendon) and that just continued in his tenure with the Packers, being sidelined over the years with a back injury and torn ACL. Prior to be released in the summer of 2011, Harrell appeared in just 14 games for the Packers just one after 2008 recording 28 tackles and no sacks. Perhaps this pick haunts general manager Ted Thompson, but Harrell would never haunt the Packers after being released, Harrell never signed with another NFL team.” – htoutlaws2012

EJ Manuel

Oh dear god! You fought McGuire was bad. EJ Manuel is much worse in a really bad draft class his in overall. Like many other quarterbacks previously said Manuel was taken way too high and was not projected a 1st round pick its as close of a massive bust as the Bills taking J.P Losman in the 2004 draft. – htoutlaws2012

Quinton Coples

Talk about a quiet guy overall, but falls into the massive busts of Rex Ryan’s all bad defensive 1st rounders. What’s worse is the fact they missed a much better defensive end in Chandler Jones ouch! – htoutlaws2012

Dan McGuire

”Seahawks drafted Dan McGwire with hopes of sitting him on the bench for a year and grooming him so he could truly succeed once he got on the field.
Unfortunately, McGwire took major steps back in his second season and was pushed to third-string duties. The following year, the Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer in the first round, which was the shot of death for McGwire’s career.” – htoutlaws2012

Pete Koch

Hey he managed to get some movie fame at least, but even with a great
physique he wasn’t cut out for the NFL… especially seeing the grand amount of 8 sacks, and being healthy almost 37% of the time as well. – htoutlaws2012

Jason Allen

”The problem was that Allen struggled to find his true position, bouncing around from safety to cornerback before finding out he wasn’t good enough to play either.
The fact that he held out throughout training camp and up until the regular season didn’t help things either.
If they wanted help in the secondary, the Dolphins probably would have been better off taking Antonio Cromartie, who was the next defensive back off the board, drafted three picks later.” Miami has had a bad history at the #16 position it seems like, and you will see that with some other notable busts higher up the list. – htoutlaws2012

Travis Johnson

”Johnson was big, athletic, and disruptive in college. He looked the part to come in be the force up front the team needed. However, that dream was about as good as it good.
Johnson was a colossal bust both on and off the field. He often appeared malcontent off the field, getting in shouting matches and sitting on the bench. On the field, he appeared disinterested and lacked anything resembling effort.
All of this parlayed itself into his stats. He finished his four year Texans career with 80 total tackles and just two sacks.” Texans are still a young team, but sooner or later they’ll win a super bowl, but back than they had fewer busts, and Travis Johnson was a standout in the organization’s history. – htoutlaws2012

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