Worst Thing About Creating Ceramics

I take a ceramics class and I love it, but here’s some of the worst things about it.

Your project blows up in the kilm

It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your project, it will blow up if it’s heavy or has a lot of airpockets. It will blow up. I built a mushroom fairy house and it blew up. I was so pist. – RadioHead03

Your clay gets hard

It’s awful. The worse part is, if there’s not enough soft clay left, you have to revive your clay. – RadioHead03

The sharp objects stuck on your piece

Sometimes if your project gets fired, some sharp debris gets stuck on your piece. And it could cut you. I remember when I made a snail and not knowing a piece of another project cut my thumb really bad. – RadioHead03

Wedging clay

The process is annoying, especially if your clay has a crap ton of airpockets. – RadioHead03

Airpockets in your clay

Every time I see one, I always sigh. – RadioHead03

Your project gets bone dry

Basically, if you leave your project out without anything covering it, it will go bone dry and fall apart. I made a Tech Deck skatepark out of clay and I did a good job on it. I left it out to dry, not knowing I left it out for too long. Luckily I made a half pipe instead. – RadioHead03

The smell of slip

When you make new slip, it smells like *ss. It’s horrible! – RadioHead03

The glaze goes dry

Sometimes, glaze goes dry and you can’t use that color anymore. – RadioHead03

Reviving clay

This is a very annoying process. You have to stick the hard clay in the water and wedge it to get the softness. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. – RadioHead03

A piece of your project breaks off

Sometimes after your project is fired, be careful, sometimes a small piece could break off. – RadioHead03

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