Worst Things About The Term Dad Rock

Rock music was originally made for the young

Just because its original fanbase got older, it does not mean the music itself would become more appealing to the older audience than to teenagers. – Alkadikce

It is not used in the original meaning

I think this term was originally invented to describe music that only its own generation likes. However, now it is used for every kind of old music instead. – Alkadikce

Rock/metal music is for rebellious people

It is absurd how people present metal as something designed for older men. – Alkadikce

It judges music by how old it is

Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Beatles are all called dadrock sometimes although they are entirely different genre. – Alkadikce

Baroque music is still enjoyed, and it’s ten times older than rock

I hate it when I see “2018? ” comments below a 2017 song on YouTube. Who enforces you to listen this year’s music? – Alkadikce

This attitude encourages who’s watching in [year] YouTube comments

People think they are the only ones who still like [insert classic rock song], because they are told it is for “straight, white men’. – Alkadikce

Teenagers don’t necessarily listen to old bands because they are old

Typical “dadrock” fans also listen to e.g. Imagine Dragons. – Alkadikce

It uses validity with time

1. In a few years’ time Tame Impala or Linkin Park will be dadrock, then Led Zeppelin will be grandpa-rock? Or are we going to talk about dadrap?
2. I noticed how people are never worried if somebody listens to music older than 60 years (jazz songs from old musicals, great classical composers), just if they listen to 1960s-1970s-1980s hits. – Alkadikce

9 A parent showing his/her child his/her favorite music is a good thing

Some recent music is similar

Compare Marooned (Pink Floyd) with Waves (Naxatras) – Alkadikce

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